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Top 30 Funny Good Morning SMS Messages Greetings

Funny Good Morning SMS: Here Is a Collection of Funny Good Morning SMS, Messages, Greetings, Quotes. Send These Funny Good Morning Messages, Greetings, SMS, Images to Your Family and Friends & Make Them Smile Early Each Morning.

Funny Good Morning SMS

Good Morning SMS Messages
Bus Stand,
Railway Track,
near a Gatter,
Futpath Par

Jaha Par Bhi Soye Hue Ho Uth Jao Subah Ho Gayi. Gdmrng.

Early to Bed,
Early to Rise
It Makes U R Girlfriend Escape with
Other Guys......
* Good Morning *

Every Morning Same Wishes. Let It B Different Now,
Let Tigers Guard U,
Snakes Dance Around U,
Cheetas Hug U and Lions Kiss U
Wish U a Geographic N Jungli Morning
G@@d Morning

'O G! Wake Up, Shake Up,
Open Ur Chuni Muni Eye,
Wash Ur Pinky Shinky Face,
Somebody Wants 2 Say U Gud Morning :-)

A Strong Thought:
Never Make a Bit of Gap Between the Dear Ones,
Coz U Will Never Bear D Pain
When D Gap Is Filled by Some One Else...
Gud Mrng.

Don't Always Adjust with Others in Life,
Find Sometime and Enjoy Being Yourself.
Bcoz True Relations Never Break Wen U B Yourself.
Gud Mrng

The Light of God surrounds us.
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Good Morning

Start D Day with Positive Thoughts & Mindset 2 Feel Positive Throughout D Day
Have a Pleasant Positive Morning & a Progressive Day Ahead.

A "Good Morning" Prayer for U...
God Bless Ur Day & Keep U Safe from Harm &
More & May U Have a Better One Than the Day Before!
the Tragedy of Life Doesn't Lie in Not Reaching Ur Goal.
the Tragedy Lies in Having No Goal to Reach.
Good Morning & Make a Goal in Ur Life!!

Funny Good Morning SMS Messages

Some Beautiful Flowers...
to Bring Fragrance to Ur Life
Wish U a Sweet Morning !!!

Lovely Thought of D Day-
Worries Are Like a Bird, Let Them Fly Over U..
Bt, Dont Give Them a Chance to Build a Nest on Ur Head.!!:-)
Gm Dear!

I Never Explain Myself to Anyone"
Prsn Who Likes Me,
Doesnt Need It...
Nd Prsn Who Dislikes Me,
Wont Believe It...
Gud Morg...

I'm Missing U Know.
I Need U Know.
I Make Up Mah Mind.
I Can't Forget U Anyhow.
Bt I Can Feel U All Around.
Cuz I Luv U Know!!!
Gud Mrng Mah Life!!!!!

You're Mah Strength....
You're Mah World....
You're Mah Beautiful Poem....
Which Always Mah Loneliness Heard....!!!
Gud Mrng

Beautiful Lines Told by a Boy After Proposing to a Girl
" Take Ur Own Time ,But Don't Take My Life Time"...
Good Morning

A Se Acchi Morning
B Se Beautiful Morning
C Se Charming Morning
D Se Dreamy Morning
E Se Equally Morning
F Se Fairy Morning
G Se Ab Ye Bhi Mai Batau Kya Good Morning

A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking U to Forget All Your Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone
Who Wants to See You Happy. Good Morning

Lovely Good Morning SMS - All Sorts of Good Morning Wishes SMS for Love, Lover, Beloved, Girl, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband.

Good Morning SMS Messages Greetings

Morning SMS Messages Greetings
Eyes R Not Meant for Tears &
Heart Is Not Meant for Fear,
Never Get Upset,
Always Cheer as U R the One
Who Can Make Me Smile for Years.
Gôôd Môrning Dear

Rest Ur Head Right on Me,
Feel My Heart Beat,
& U Will See,
Tat Tis Girl,
Adores U Passionately
Loves U Crazily. »-(¯`·.·´¯)-» Good Morning

Get Up from Ur Soft Soft Bed
Open Ur Teeny Weeny Eyes.
Wear That Jolly Wolly Smile
& Say to Ur self
A Good Morning from My Side.
Have a Great Day!

Cool Morning Breeze
Pearly Dew Drops,
Waving Green Leaves
Flowers Blossom,
All Bring Joy and Say,
to Start a
Happy New Day

Do U Know the Meaning of Morning?
Morning Means One More Inning Given by
"God" to Play and Win..
Have a Winning Day. Good Morning.

A Short N Cute SMS for Life:
Care Should B in Heart & Not in Words
Anger Should B in Words & Not in Heart
Good Morning . . . .

Above the Dark Horizon Soon
New Light Rays Will Appear.
They Signify 2 All the World
a Fresh New Day Is Here.
Good Morning

Sometimes U Have Happy Face.
Sometimes U Have Sad Face.
No Matter How Is Ur Face,
I Show Ur Teeth Now,
Its Dirty, Brush Ur Teeth Now.
Good Morning!

Funny Good Morning Messages SMS

Think Before Scrolling Down.
See 1st Line
Moral:life Is Very Simple Don’t Make It Complicated..!!
Good Morning!!!!

She Is Hot !
She Is Sweet !
She Always Needs a Lip 4 Kiss
Whole World Is Mad 4 Her !
Who ? Who Is She ?
Do You Know ?
Have a Cup of  Tea…
Good Morning !!!

Waves Are Inspiring,
Not Because They Rise and Fall,
but Because They Never Fail to Rise Again.
Have a Rising Day.good Morning…!!

You Worry About a Trouble
It Becomes Double
but When U Smile at It
It Disappear Like Bubble
So Always Smile at Ur Problem
Keep Smiling
Good Morning || 

Good Morning Cute SMS/Quotes


:-: MORNING :-:
Sweet Thoughts
And Prayers Are Sent
Your Way To Warm
Your Heart & Bless
Your Day With Sweet Greetings.

Morning Is Not Only Sunrise
but a Beautiful Miracle of God
That Defeats the Darkness N Spread Light.
May Everyday Spread Light in Ur Whole Life.!
“Good Morning“

New Day New Blessing.
Don’t Let Yesterdays Failures
Ruin the Beauty of Today,
Because Each Day Has Its Own
Promise of Love, Joy, Forgiveness…..
Good Morning…

Thanks to Those Who Hated Me,
They Made Me a Stronger Person.
Thanks to Those Who Loved Me,
They Made My Heart Bigger.
Thanks to Those Who Were Worried About Me,
They Let Me Know That They Actually Cared.
Thanks to Those Who Left Me,
They Made Me Realize That Nothing Lasts Forever.
Thanks to Those Who Entered My Life,
They Made Me Who I Am Today.
Just Want to Thank Every One .
Good Morning..!
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